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COMPPÅ develops reagents and methods for sample production, preparation, functional analyses and structure determination of membrane proteins. Applications of these methods to user’s projects are available as services to collaborating research groups. Specifically, COMPPÅ accepts new applications in the context of its Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs) and Collaborative and Service projects (C&S). 

  • Any type of collaboration & service is strictly confined to the research of membrane proteins.

  • The projects will not be entertained without the completion of the online submission form. Click here for the project submission form.

  • Collaborations & services employ existing technologies and capabilities of COMPPÅ. Collaborations & services are distinguished based on the nature and complexity of the project. Click here to know about the services offered.

  • A review committee will evaluate the project for suitability and priority.

  • Please note that no financial support will be provided by the P41 BTRR to the collaborator or collaborating institution; the intent is that the P41 BTRR will cover the research costs (except a few specific expensive consumables, which will be billed to the user).

  • The COMPPÅ P41 BTRR should be acknowledged in future submitted manuscripts and/or grant applications. Authorship for COMPPÅ personnel who worked on the project will be ascertained based on specific contributions. The COMPPÅ grant number is NIGMS P41GM116799.




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